21st Century Architecture: Apartment Living

These guys must really like us. Images Publishing Group has included us in yet another of their books on architecture and design. This time, our Parks Residence – a condominium remodel in Seattle – is in “21st Century Architecture: Apartment Living” by Beth Browne.

As always, a successful project depends on a successful team, and in this case we had a great time collaborating with:

Of course, the project wouldn’t have been possible without the trust given to us by the owners. They gave us clear input as to their desired outcome, and were always prompt and decisive when issues arose during the process. These qualities were as important to the success of the project as any of the skills of the design and fabrication team.

If you’re interested in apartment & condominium design, there are a lot of interesting examples in this book. You can stop by our office to look at a copy, or buy one for your own library from either of Seattle’s most important booksellers – Amazon or Peter Miller Books.

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  1. Lucy Feller says:

    Just beautiful–as usual

  2. Matt Deschler says:

    Thank you so much for including me as a collaborator. I enjoyed working with your team along with Steven Hensel on another great project!

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