Boat Bay House 02.02.11

Now that we’ve posted construction photos of the Windermere House, it’s only fair that we do the same for the Boat Bay House. Given the tight quarters of its hillside site, this is a hard project to photograph. The south elevation shown in the photos doesn’t give a full sense of the project, but it will have to do….

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  1. cb says:

    That last photo…nice!. . Shows how much work you had to go through, with the roof engineering, …to get that amazing view and cantilevered deck cover! And eye grabbing roof line. Very great.

    • Eggleston Farkas Architects says:

      Thanks. There’s something about a thin roof edge that makes cantilevers feel more dramatic. It takes some tricky engineering and detailing, but it’s worth the effort.

      Also, I’ll take your comment as a reminder to post some more up-to-date pictures in the next couple of days.

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