Lopez Island Cabin 02.19.10

Just as spring is starting, our clients are able to enjoy their recently completed vacation house on Lopez Island, Washington. The cabin was designed to offer an experience highlighting the dual nature of its dramatic site. The elongated plan allows all of the rooms to enjoy expansive views of Puget Sound and the small nearby island. To balance that openness, the cabin is nestled to a large rock outcropping, offering a protective feeling inside.

The concrete base of the project serves a dual purpose as well. It elevates the house on the site, improving the views over the edge of the bluff. Just as important, it creates space for a rainwater harvesting and treatment system, including filtration and eight 1440 gallon tanks, to provide potable water.

The photographs shown were taken as the project was nearing completion. There is still some touch-up and landscape restoration work to be done. Earlier construction sequence photos an be seen at this earlier post.

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