Lopez Island Cabin: Gray Magazine

For those of you haven’t heard about Gray Magazine, a new publication featuring “Pacific Northwest Design”, we recommend checking it out (and subscribing – we do). Our Lopez Island Cabin is featured in the February/March 2012 issue (on newsstands as I write this), and we’re really happy with the quality of the article and photos. The photographer, Alex Hayden, was a real sport dealing with a frustrating day of rain and scattered sunbreaks. Whenever he set up for an inside shot, the sun came out, and when he moved outside it started to rain. It would have been funny – well, it was funny. Nonetheless, Alex managed to capture the essence of the project, the quality of the space, the site, the water, and the rock.

So, click here to find the nearest copy of Gray, go get a copy, and then let us know what you think of the Lopez Island Cabin and Gray Magazine.

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