Little Creek Residence

Eugene, Oregon

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A linear north-facing lot along a seasonal creek. The neighboring house to the north is quite close, while those across the stream to the north are somewhat filtered by existing trees.


A one story home for an empty-nest couple, incorporating indoor/outdoor living and the opportunity to combine cooking and entertaining. The owners – one of whom is a landscape architect – wanted to maximize the connection to the outdoors while maintaining visual privacy from the street and neighbors. They also wanted a casual entry sequence not dominated by the garage door.


The house has a T-shaped plan. A north/south vertical bar is open to terraces on either side and contains the main living spaces including a small library that cantilevers out over the creek. The ‘T’ is completed by an east/west cross bar which incorporates the service and private areas, screening the living room and terraces from the adjacent house. The kitchen at the intersection – connects the two forms as the center of the house.

The existing driveway location, a mature cedar tree, and topography limited the garage location to the front of the house. A bifold aircraft hanger door, clad to match the house siding, allows the door to “disappear” when closed.

Awards & Publications

  • “Through the Lens” Fine Homebuilding, Summer 2015